Vision Therapy is a treatment program in which the therapist provides the patient with the opportunity to learn and develop abilities that either were not present or were poorly developed in the patients overall profile of visual abilities.

Vision therapy utilises various procedures to aid Eye-Mind-Body co-ordination. This enables people to use their vision more effectively.This program is designed to stimulate development in a range of areas: attention, memory, concentration, language, body knowledge, visual processing & visual-language integration. It encourages the development of self awareness leading to a greater capacity to deal with the outside world. 
We use a multi-sensory program that improves integration of vision with gross and fine motor abilities, speech and hearing, and rhythm and timing abilities.

Vision training can be a powerful tool to help improve the performance of the child with a learning problem. It attempts to change the way the child is thinking or processing information opening new options for learning. It is not a miracle cure and requires hard work and dedication on the part of the parent & the child.

Therapy in our practice is done on a one-on-one basis for 45 minutes in blocks of 10 weeks. Four to five activities are done each session with some of these taken for home practice. A key aspect of therapy is the involvement of the parents as home therapists. We require 20-30 minutes of practice on 5 other days under the direct supervision of a home helper, who is most often the child's parent.

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