woman getting eyes checkedAt Susan Walton Optometrists, your eye health is our prime concern. We know that it’s important to have regular eye check-ups—especially for those with a history or who are at risk of eye problems.

Our eye examinations are a thorough check-up of your eye’s health, using the latest in technology to scan, observe and accurately measure your eyes’ capabilities. The examination takes approximately 30 minutes and is carried out by our fully qualified, expert optometrists.

The eye examination allows our optometrist to:

  • Measure your vision level and whether you need glasses to help to correct your sight.
  • Potentially find and identify injuries, diseases or other abnormalities.

After your examination is completed, we’ll run you through what we’ve found. If you need spectacles, we’ll introduce you to our dispensing optician and help to find the best frames and lenses, or contact lenses for you.