Specialeyes by Susan Walton Optometrist is a proud locally owned business focused on providing you with 360 degree comprehensive eye care and service using quality optical products to improve your lifestyle.

Our optometry practice offers a great range of frames, sunglasses & quality prescription lenses to suit all your vision needs including work and computer use, social & sporting. We fit a wide range of contact lenses - disposables, daily to extended wear, and custom rigid gas permeable including overnight Ortho-K. Susan provides eye testing and optical products for both adults and children, especially children with vision related learning issues.

Good vision is an important part of any good health plan so you should have your eyes checked regularly. As well as keeping eye prescriptions current, regular eye tests can detect early signs of eye diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetes. Remember, good vision is seeing clearly and having healthy eyes.


Meet the Team

Susan Walton OAM - Behavioural Optometrist

Susan has been in independent practice in the Newcastle area for 35 years, having her own business for more than 30 of those years. Her husband, Evan has been involved with managing the practice as a family concern and has a 27 yr old daughter Hannah, who has now joined the business as a Vision Therapist. Susan gained her Bachelor of Optometry in 1981 & became an inaugural Fellow of the Australasian College of Behavioural Optometry in 1988, and was awarded an OAM in 2014 for her services to community health, particularly for her role in providing eye care – on a voluntary basis for over 20 years – to those with special needs as part of the Opening Eyes branch of the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes program.

She specialises in Behavioural and Neuro-Developmental Eyecare & also Sports Vision (having been a past National Chairperson). She currently is the Asia-Pacific & Australian Director of the Opening Eyes Program for the Special Olympics. In the above capacities Susan has attended both the Atlanta Olympics & three Special Olympic World Games in the USA, Dublin, Ireland. Locally, Susan is the Sports Vision consultant to the Hunter Academy of Sport & has advised in this capacity for over 20 years.

She thoroughly enjoys, & is extremely passionate about her profession.

Hannah Walton - Vision Therapist/ Optical Technician

Hannah is our accredited Vision therapist and has a great rapport working with the many children who undertake our programs to assist with their visual difficulties affecting their learning progress. She also works with adults with a variety of visual deficits that may be associated with stroke and/or brain injury . Her passion shines through working with the various children and adults in vision therapy programs.

Optical Dispenser

Stephanie Phillips - Reception/ Office Administration

Stephanie is experienced in all areas of our business and offers a friendly welcoming face at our front desk.